C64 Demo – Memento Mori

To go along with the Pixel Art post thought I’d post this C64 pixel art image from the Memento Mori demo by Genesis Project, which finished 1st place at Function 2020.

Memento Mori by Genesis Project

The full demo can be accessed on YouTube from this link https://youtu.be/3dUKUUz3lo8

Link for the demo https://csdb.dk/release/?id=195841

Top 25 Alternative C64 Games

25 games on the Commodore that aren’t arcade games…

Hillsfar, one of the many RPG available for the c64.

One of the most frequent criticisms I hear of the C64  is that the games were mainly arcade games. While its true that the hardware sprites and scrolling on the C64 lent its self to arcade conversions, there were many other genres of games available.

I’m going to take this opportunity to list 25 here. These aren’t necessarily the best of the best, there is plenty of games I haven’t played, although they are all good games in their own right. I am trying to include different genres, excluding text adventures and I’m not including Elite as it’s too obvious.  Finally the list isn’t in order of greatness.

There’s probably loads of games I’ve missed, so please comment if you think a game needs including and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll try and keep this updated.

1) Hillsfar

D&D based RPG with action elements.

2) Bards Tale

Classic first person RPG

3) Wizardry

Role playing / Adventure game with action elements.

4) Football Manager

Early graphical football management game.

5) Maniac Mansion

Classic point and click adventure with multiple playable characters.

6) Pirates!

Cinematic pirate themed strategy game, with some action elements.

7) North & South

American civil war strategy game, with cartoon like graphics and some action elements.

8) Laser Squad

Turn based tactical game.

9) Zak McKracken

Comedy point and click graphical adventure.

10) Ultima V

Expansive fantasy RPG.

11) Eternal Dagger

Tactical RPG.

12) Might and Magic 2

Party based RPG.

13) Law of The West

Location based natative adventure game, contains some shooting action elements.

14) Defender of the Crown

Cinematic medieval strategy / adventure game with some action mini games.

15) Little Computer People

Sim / virtual pet type game, with a little person living in a house to look after.

16) Black Gold

Business sim.

17) Times of Lore

Top down RPG.

18) Supremecy

Strategy game.

19) Crearures 2

Static screen puzzle game with platform elements.

20) Space Rogue

Space trading game with ultima style RPG elements.

21) Prince of Persia

Atmospheric, adventure game with platform elements. The game is timed.

22) Last Ninja

Adventure / Ninja em up with great graphics.

23) Psi 5 Trading Company

Adventure / space captain simulator with space trading, strategy and RPG elements.

24) Wasteland

Classic futuristic, post apocalyptic RPG which was the inspiration for Fallout

25) Forbidden Forest

Archery based Adventure game.

Don’t worry there is going to be some love for the Spectrum soon, I’m working on a best of list…

Best Atari ST Games Redux

I’ve had a few comments from people on my last list pointing out some glaring omissions. A few of these like Lemmings and Secret of Monkey Island I didn’t include because I associate them more with the Amiga. Which is probably not the best way to do a To 10, so I’ve decided to to a quick updated Top 10.

Another World

Secret of Monkey Island

Mega Lo Mania

Sensible Soccer

Prince of Persia

Dungeon Master

Chaos Engine

Cannon Fodder

Speedball 2

Honourable mentions to Blood Money, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Sim City, Substation, Starball (PD), Gods and Defender of The Crown

Top 10 Acorn Electron Games

The Acorn Electron was my first computer. When thinking about games for this list I had to make sure I wasn’t getting confused with games I played on the C64.

It’s also worth noting this isn’t the best Electron games of all time, just the games I played most, although some are rightly considered to be the best.

So here goes, buckle up…

Zorak the Conqueror

So a slightly obscure game to start but one I probably played the most. I have a bit of soft spot for strategy games, and this was one of the first strategy games I played. You moved around a map recruiting soldiers and fighting other armies.


This game needs no introduction, a space trading game, the scope of this was amazing considering the technological limitations.



The Electrons version of classic game Pacman.


Bears a remarkable resemblance to Galaxians.

Chuckie Egg

Classic platform game, aged better than many of its contemporaries.


Probably my most played game after Zorak. Repton is moved around an underground cavern, collecting diamonds while avoiding getting trapped or flattened by falling rocks. Very much a puzzle game with similarities to Boulder dash, but in my opinion a better experience.

Twin Kingdom Valley

Big fan of the text adventure genre, this was the first one I played that also had graphics, which seemed amazing at the time

Arabian Nights

Never really understood what was going on in this game, but I enjoyed playing it.


Confession time, I never played this game on my real Electron. Some one reccomended this game to me recently and I love it. Reminds me a little of Lost Vikings, it’s a puzzle strategy, in which the protagonist can change into creatures each with a unique special ability. Each level poses a puzzle that will require combining abilities to complete.

Top 10 Atari ST games

I’ve always had a soft spot for Atari, even the much maligned Atari Jaguar. Think my fondness originates from childhood, my first gaming system was an Atari 2600. I missed out on the Atari 8 bit computers, mainly because in the UK they didn’t have the same impact as they did in other countries, like the US.

My next Atari system was the Atari ST, and I loved it. A proper computer not just a gaming system, I got nearly as much joy programming in GFA basic and STOS as I did playing games like Blood Money, IK+, Lotus Turbo Cballenge (3 of the first games I got).

Most of my friends had Amigas, so eventually I did get an Amiga, but I loved my ST just as much as my A500.

Top 10

Another World

Everthing oozed class with this game, from the cinematic intro to the enthralling gameplay. Who could forget the set piece in the first level with the lion type monster. It was a great Sci-Fi action adventure game with platform elements.

Maybe it’s because I played it first on the Atari but I always thought the gameplay seemed a bit slicker when compared to the Amiga. It probably wasn’t.


I loved this game, a strategy game with good graphics. Gather resources, research weapons (from rocks to missiles) and finally defeat your opponents for control of the area.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

A classic point and click adventure based on the film of the same name. Came with a physical copy of the grail diary which contained hints.

Cannon Fodder

Strategy action game. Great fun.

Blood Money

I really enjoyed this game, maybe there was better shmups on the Atari but this was a very good game and the first game I played on the ST

Prince of Persia

I’ve loved Prince of Persia on every format I’ve played it. A tricky platform game with brilliant animation.

Speedball 2

Fast futuristic sports game with good graphics and sound. You would expect nothing else from the Bitmap Brothers.

Dungeon Master

Ever since I played Bards Tale on c64 I loved RPG games, this was fueled by the occasional games of Dungeons and Dragons I played as a child. This had impressive graphics and solid gameplay.


This is blew me away when I first played it, ran smoothly with a large view area on my stock STe. Very impressive, although not very colourful the graphics looked really smooth in gameplay.

Sim City

Classic city building strategy game.

What were your favourite Atari ST games? Disagree with my top 10, please comment.